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MKX-ET XHC CNC Controller

xhc cnc controller  

Fully supporting all Mach3 versions, support Windows 7, 8, 10 (32-bits);
Only support Ethernet interface, need to set IP address (Please read page 20 on the instruction);
Support save data when power off, support resume from breakpoint;
Support spindle speed feedback;
Supports spindle PWM speed control output;
Support 10 meters Ethernet interface cable;
No need to install the driver, plug and play;
Supports 3-axis linkage;
Maximum step-pulse frequency is 2000KHz, 16 general-purpose input,8 output;
Support differential signal output;
Velocity feedback function, Spindle speed display in real time all IO-port isolation, interference, stable performance;
Support controlling servo motor and step motor;


General Characteristics

Parameter Description
 Axis drive 
 Isolated oc output  Voltage:5V,maximum  
 load :20A
 Step frequency
 of support axis

 MK3-ET:3 axis  

 MK4-ET:4 axis 

 MK6-ET:6 axis

Spindle control  Analog output voltage  0-10V
 Digital PWM output  5V,1KHZ,fill  
 STEP/DIR  Min frequncy:15Hz  
 Max frequncy:4KHz
8 digital output  Maxmimum  
 load of output line
 voltage on out line
16 digital input Maxmimum load   
of input line
Maximum voltage
on input line
communication   method Ethernet interface


MKX-ET motion card 1 piece
Ethernet cable 1 piece
Driver disk 1 disk
MACH3 trouble shooting 1 book
MACH3 config   and driver installation 1 book
MKX –ET user  Manual 1 book
Package box size 275*144*42mm
Weigtht 0.7KG

Package included:

1 x CNC Mach3 USB 4 Axis Motion Control Card
1 x USB Cable
1 x CD
1 x English Manual

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